ALERT: If You See This Bug, Run Like Hell… Here’s Why

ALERT: If You See This Bug, Run Like Hell… Here’s Why

Once again we’re hearing about the prevalence of the “Kissing Bug” in the United States.

This right here is why I hate bugs of all shapes and sizes. They’re just terrible.

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From AWM:

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Very few people like idea of bugs in their room, specifically bugs that can cause you harm.  One bug which is known as the kissing bug may have a cute name, but has quite evil intentions down below.

The bug’s bite can be lethal to humans, and the bug, also known as a triatomine bug, is infesting the United States, so learning about this creepy critter is important for your safety and health.

The triatomine bug feeds of the blood of mammals, including humans, dogs, livestock, and just about anything with skin and blood.

The bugs are also attracted to carbon dioxide, which is what humans exhale, meaning the bugs like to find themselves on your face and nose.

If the bug has a parasite in it when it bites you, or defecates into the wound, then you are at high risk to contract Chagas disease, which can be fatal if not treated.

Not every bug has a parasite inside of it, but it is important to be aware of the danger.

The CDC also came out with a map detailing where the bug is being found, so you can know if you are at risk:


DISGUSTING! Please protect yourself, your pets and your family and keep an eye out for these nasty little creatures, especially if you live in the states highlighted above.

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