Australian Bureaucrats Combine Prying With Stealing

Bureauweenies don’t always have the sharpest wits, but there’s no doubting their cleverness when it comes to “spreading the wealth around” from our pockets into their coffers. Here‘s a new revenue-generating scheme from Australia:

Up to 50,000 people face a fine of $110 a day if they refuse to divulge information on their health and lifestyle to Australian Bureau of Statistics researchers.

$5.5 million per day is chump change by Obama’s standards, but after awhile it adds up.

The Australian Health Survey announced in last week’s Budget will be the most comprehensive research on the health of Australians ever undertaken and will be jointly funded by the National Heart Foundation.

But the 50,000 people chosen to take part will be compelled to do so.

Participants will be weighed and measured and will be asked to give a blood and urine sample.

They will also be asked detailed questions on what they drink and eat and their physical activity.

The ABS said participation “is ultimately compulsory for those chosen by random sampling to ensure the survey accurately represents the Australian population as a whole”.

How dare anyone fail to participate? After all, Big Government has determined that it’s for your own good. Lest anyone think the initiative is heavy-handed and intrusive:

However, participants would only be compelled to answer questions. Providing a blood and urine sample and weighing in would be voluntary.

Our rulers might want to think twice before asking for stool samples.

On a tip from Aussie-John. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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