Bloomberg: Food Rules Are for Thee, Not for Me

Nanny Nazi Mike Bloomberg — who insists on regulating every last bite New Yorkers put in their own mouths — has dietary habits that must put his cardiologist into shock:

He dumps salt on almost everything, even saltine crackers. He devours burnt bacon and peanut butter sandwiches. He has a weakness for hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken, washing them down with a glass of merlot.

And his snack of choice? Cheez-Its.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has become New York City’s nutritional nag, banning the use of trans fats, forcing chain restaurants to post calorie counts and exhorting diners to consume less salt. Now he is at it again, directing his wrath at sugary drinks in a new series of arresting advertisements that ask subway riders: “Are you pouring on the pounds?”

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But an examination of what enters the mayoral mouth reveals that Mr. Bloomberg is an omnivore with his own glaring indulgences, many of them at odds with his own policies. …

Under his watch, the city has declared sodium an enemy, asking restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily cut the salt in their dishes by 20 percent or more, and encouraging diners to “shake the habit” by asking waiters for food without added salt.

But Mr. Bloomberg, 67, likes his popcorn so salty that it burns others’ lips. (At Gracie Mansion, the cooks deliver it to him with a salt shaker.) He sprinkles so much salt on his morning bagel “that it’s like a pretzel,” said the manager at Viand, a Greek diner near Mr. Bloomberg’s Upper East Side town house.

Not even pizza is spared a coat of sodium. When the mayor sat down to eat a slice at Denino’s Pizzeria Tavern on Staten Island recently, this reporter spotted him applying six dashes of salt to it.

Bloomberg also smoked cigarettes for years before imposing a ban on smoking in restaurants.

Hypocrisy is no hindrance to the careers of moonbat authoritarians. For example, Comrade Obama ran on a “firm pledge” not to raise any taxes on anyone making less than $250,000/year. In an appalling display of contempt for the dupes who elected him, within two weeks of taking office he signed legislation doubling the federal tax on cigarettes — a regressive tax that primarily hurts the working class — even though Chairman Zero is a nicotine fiend himself.

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Peas in a pod.

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