Charlie Gard: Eurocrats Sentence Baby to Death

Charlie Gard: Eurocrats Sentence Baby to Death

The point of all the tedious squabbling over healthcare that has been clogging up the news is to determine how quickly and under what conditions the federal government will consolidate control over the healthcare industry. Charlie Gard demonstrates the horror that awaits us when that bipartisan goal has been achieved.

Charlie is a 10-month-old with the misfortune of suffering from mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, and the possibly still greater misfortune of having been born in a country with socialized medicine. Matt Walsh reports:

The hospital that had been treating the boy, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, made the determination that nothing more can be done for him and he must be taken off of life support. He should “die with dignity,” they said. The parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, disagreed.

This is the very crucial thing to understand: they are not insisting that GOSH be forced to keep Charlie on life support. Rather, they want to take him out of the hospital and to America to undergo a form of experimental therapy that a doctor here had already agreed to administer. Chris and Connie raised over $1.6 million to fund this last ditch effort to save their child’s life. All they needed the British hospital to do was release their child into their care, which doesn’t seem like a terribly burdensome request.

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Why should they have to request it? They are the parents. They can demand it.

But I’m forgetting; Britain is run by progressive statists. According to their ideology, “it takes a village” to raise a child. As stated more explicitly by former MSNBC propagandist Melissa Harris-Perry, children belong not to their families, but to their “communities” (i.e., the government).

The hospital refused to give Charlie back to his parents. The matter ended up in the courts, and, finally, in the last several hours, the European Court of “Human Rights” ruled that the parents should be barred from taking their son to the United States for treatment.

You won’t find a better example of Orwellianism than the tyranny inflicted in the name of “human rights.”

The court ruled that it is “in his best interest” for Charlie to die. Therefore, dying is his only right. His parents have no right to intervene.

In Europe, a mother may kill her baby but she is not allowed to keep him alive.

This is wrong, and it is coming our way. Walsh gives three reasons why:

1. This is what happens with socialized medicine.
2. This is what happens when parental rights are subordinate to the State.
3. This is what happens when human life is not considered sacred.

Britain is only a couple exits ahead of us on the highway to hell. That’s why every inch is worth fighting over.

charlie gard
Charlie’s parents are not permitted to try to save him.

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