Coughing Fits? Her Stair Climb Helpers? The Many AILMENTS Of Hillary Clinton… [VIDEO]

Coughing Fits? Her Stair Climb Helpers? The Many AILMENTS Of Hillary Clinton… [VIDEO]

The health of those seeking to take office and lead our nation is kind of freaking important, no? So, why would we not be interested in this election cycle about the visible ailments that Hillary Clinton displays on a regular basis? In 2008, the media consistently made it a point to question Sen. John McCain’s health, to the point of not letting it go…


Yet, you don’t hear a peep from them about Hillary’s MANY displays of the old person symptoms and why would you? The media is not conservative. They are not on your side. They don’t share your principles. All this has been true for decades, so let’s get past calling the media out for willful ignorance. They know, we know it’s true.

So, instead let’s use this platform to focus on Hillary’s ailments…

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There have been quite a few instances in which Clinton has launched into major coughing fits. Here are some of those examples caught perfectly on video for your viewing…

Okay, I get it. People cough. But once she gets started, it just doesn’t stop! It seems to leave her voice weak. So, what kind of ailment would cause this?

Recently, a photo was shown of Clinton climbing some stairs…except she had two men at her sides, taking her arms and helping her up. Why? They weren’t stairs smeared with Crisco.


It’s said that she suffers from “blinding headaches’ according to the book, Unlikable, as well as consistently being confused, as her aide Huma Abedin revealed in an email taken in Hillary’s server investigation.

These, as well as other symptoms of some type of sickness can be understood – if Hillary released her full medical records. But who’s holding their breath? Judging by what we have seen so far, there’s no way in Hell she reveals this bombshell on herself.

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