DISGUSTING: Muslim Nurses Refuse To Do THIS Before Medical Procedures

DISGUSTING: Muslim Nurses Refuse To Do THIS Before Medical Procedures

No way! Muslim nurses in the UK have taken things a step too far. If they really are knowledgeable in their profession, they would know that they need to be safe and WASH THEIR HANDS before medical procedures. Do they think their right to not wash their hand’s trumps the lives of those they risk by spreading infection too? This is so dirty and leads you to wonder, will they be going to the bathroom not washing their hands, then going to insert the next IV with their contaminated fingers? SICK!!


But Muslims argue that washing their hands prior to performing medical procedures including procedures in the operating room, “compromises their modesty.” Now, instead of scrubbing, Muslims have the option to wear disposable plastic over-sleeves, which is hygienically equivalent to sticking two Ziploc bags over your hands.

The UK’s Department of Health addressed concerns that refusing to scrub could result in catastrophic consequences. “The guidance is intended to balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs,” a spokesman said.

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The UK boasts that it “protects and promotes” the “majority culture.” Clearly, these new laws do not reflect English culture, at all. In fact, they’re putting their citizens at serious risk for illness and death.

Why is it okay for the UK to push their laws aside to appease sharia law?

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