DISTURBING VIDEO of Doctor Applying Pressure on Lump on Woman’s Back That Had Turned BLACK

DISTURBING VIDEO of Doctor Applying Pressure on Lump on Woman’s Back That Had Turned BLACK

Do you like being horrified by medical nightmares as opposed to being horrified by something that is actually going on in the world today that could affect you?

Me too.

Cyst removals are the best way for me to forget how terrible things are these days. They’re morbidly interesting and I think we all have a deep, dark part of us that likes this kind of thing.

In the video of the abscess being drained, we can see the large, red, raised mass (that I assure you would have been painful had it not been numbed up) being pressed on by a doctor. Blood and puss oozed from the hole in the abscess and quickly went viral.

Seriously, you should check out the YouTube channels dedicated to this content. They get millions (yes you read that correctly) of views and people love it.

Watch the video below:

As with every single thing on the Internet, commenters had opinions on how the procedure should have been done and other aspects of the encounter.

From AmericaNow:

“It should have been a bit more sterile. Probably MRSA. It also should have been opened and drained. That Dr. must not care much.she could have done that at home,” one reader commented on Newsiosity’s Facebook page.

“How in the world did she not realize it was there before it got that big is my question. I think I would have noticed a little bit of pain in that area and looked in the mirror to see what was going on,” another added.

Something about this is extremely relaxing and satisfying. Knowing that the person is going to feel so much better and have less pressure, pain and discomfort in that location makes me feel good on the inside.

Does that make me weird?

Probably. I don’t care though.

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