Doctors Threaten to Go Galt if ObamaCare Passes

It would be a miracle of biblical proportions if Big Government’s minions could decrease costs while increasing coverage, as Democrats have been promising to do when they seize control of the healthcare industry. What will make cost savings even more improbable is that they will have to do it with a radically reduced supply — because doctors unwilling to labor as government slaves have promised to go Galt:

Four of nine doctors, or 45%, said they “would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement” if Congress passes the plan the Democratic majority and White House have in mind.

More than 800,000 doctors were practicing in 2006, the government says. Projecting the poll’s finding onto that population, 360,000 doctors would consider quitting.

The IBD/TIPP poll also found that 2/3 of doctors oppose ObamaCare, despite the lies being spewed on your dime by NPR.

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The poll contradicts the claims of not only the White House, but also doctors’ own lobby — the powerful American Medical Association — both of which suggest the medical profession is behind the proposed overhaul. …

It also differs with findings of a poll released Monday by National Public Radio that suggests a “majority of physicians want public and private insurance options,” and clashes with media reports such as Tuesday’s front-page story in the Los Angeles Times with the headline “Doctors Go For Obama’s Reform.”

Surprisingly, only 71% of doctors answered “no” when asked whether they could swallow that “the government can cover 47 million more people and that it will cost less money and the quality of care will be better.” The rest must be Democrats, like they all will be after ObamaCare passes and hospitals turn into the DMV.

Becoming a doctor isn’t easy. Who is going to do it in the future, when our socialist rulers have destroyed every incentive? It will make more sense just to apply for a job at the post office than endure the rigors of medical school and residency. This is yet another reason that socialism simply does not work. But at least we’ll have no shortage of useless bureauweenies telling us how to live and when to die.

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