Evil Insurance Company Drops Coverage For Mom With Cancer Right Before Surgery

Oh, wait, excuse, did I say “Insurance Company?” Sorry, my bad, should probably have more coffee

A Hollywood woman who was dropped from Medicaid coverage while needing a bone marrow transplant is finally getting the coverage and treatment she needs to stay alive.

Diana Smith is battling a rare form of Leukemia and needs the transplant to survive. She managed to raise money to pay for it thanks to her friends and the community, but then last week she found out her Medicaid coverage was dropped — putting her operation on hold.

She lost her coverage because the Social Security admin sent a letter saying her 3 year old was eligible for disability payments, she returned the letter saying “OK,” and then Medicaid said that she now had too high an income to qualify. Government stupidity at its best. She told Medicaid she would cancel the SSA for her son, they told her it was too late. Jackson Memorial Hospital can’t preform the procedure without the coverage, as the Medicaid program shields them from liability for a risky procedure.

Just wait till the government has even more of us under their wing. Remember Medicaid has a higher denial rate than private health insurers, as does Medicare. With private insurers going bust, you will have to rely on government plans, which fewer and fewer doctors and medical establishments are taking, leaving us in a condition similar to England and other countries with socialized medicine.

There is some good news, though

After hearing the CBS4 report, State Sen. Dave Aronberg said he was prepared to take action over the weekend. Social Security officials also started looking into the case to make the surgery happen.

Since the CBS4 News report first aired last Friday, several lawmakers jumped in. Late Monday afternoon Jackson Memorial Hospital confirmed Smith will have her surgery later this week after all.

One of the shames of it all is that government has to jump in to fix the problems government caused.

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