He Noticed an Odd Bump on His Skin… Was Shocked to Pull THIS Out… [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

He Noticed an Odd Bump on His Skin… Was Shocked to Pull THIS Out… [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

I hate ticks. I always have, but oddly enough, I have never been bitten by one and I have been all over the northwest and beyond here in the United States. They still creep me out and I have had many friends who have been bitten by them. This video shows a technique for getting rid of the little blood-suckers with a damp Q-tip and it won’t leave any of the offending little vampire in your skin. You just take a damp swab and in a circular motion push the tick around until it lets go. Then you quickly grab a paper towel and squish the sucker before it can bite you again. That’s a nifty tip for anyone who spends time outdoors.


From American Overlook:

Hiking through the woods in the summer can be a great, fun way to get some cardio in plus you usually get treated to some amazing views along the way.

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If you are lucky, the ticks will avoid you.. if not, you better check out this awesome trick below. Removing one of those little bloodsuckers has never been easier!

Ticks aren’t too dangerous by themselves – it’s the diseases they carry that will really hurt. Lyme disease is definitely the most famous, but just one of several that these little bugs can inject into your bloodstream.

I’m sure that people are shocked when they find a tick nestled in their flesh. They are even more shocked when they pull it out. They rarely get all of it and that can cause a lot of irritation. Not to mention the gross out factor and the potential for disease. This video makes me cringe, but it is well-worth watching. The one thing I have a problem with in the above referenced article is the part where it refers to this as a ‘humane’ way of removing a tick. I don’t give a crap about the tick. It’s going to die one way or the other as far as I’m concerned. Who tries to let one live to bite again? Geez. Back away from the liberal Kool-aid and just say yes to tick genocide. This does seem like a quick and easy way to get rid of a tick vs. tweezers. But for God’s sake, kill the thing, don’t set it free.

Intact Tick Removal with Cotton Swab by movies-2015

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