Health Care Reform: We Lost. Now What?

Early in the week, I thought the odds were heavily in our favor in the health care battle. But, the odds changed as the week went on. Pelosi and Obama engaged in one of the most shameless displays of open corruption in American history. Democrats in extremely red districts proved to be ready and willing to sacrifice their jobs in November to pass the bill. The Stupak block, which held firm for weeks, joined hands with the pro-abortion crowd to federally fund abortions for the first time in history. The Democrats in Congress didn’t care about the rules, they didn’t care about the consent of the governed, and they didn’t care about what was good for the country. This was a left wing power grab, pure and simple, and a little bit of what has made this a great country died on the floor of the House last night.

But, this isn’t the end of the fight. To the contrary, these socialists in the:  House have awakened a sleeping giant in this country and we’re going to make them pay and pay and pay for what they’ve done. Yes, they’re going to have a happy March. But, we’re going to have a happy November and we’re going fight tooth and nail to protect the future of this country from the loathsome gang of con men, pathological liars, and Marxists that now make up almost the entirety of the Democratic elite in this country. Yesterday, they put their boot on America’s neck. Today, we start the effort to throw it off.

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