Healthcare Waiting List Claims 18-Year-Old Girl

Big Government progressives like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump want us to progress to “single payer” nationalized healthcare. Canada provides us with another warning of what that entails:

A girl who died of leukemia was given a final send off after her friends signed her casket with loving messages on January 30.

Laura Hillier got to experience a few normal childhood milestones like graduating high school and getting her senior year book signed before she died on January 20.

Laura might have experienced a few more milestones if a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hospital had been able to accommodate a bone marrow transplant for the young woman.

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Numerous donors were a match with Laura and ready to donate, but Hamilton’s Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure.

Hospital staff told her they had about 30 patients with potential donors, but the means to only do about five transplants a month.

You could call it death by waiting list.

Dr. Ralph Meyer, Juravinski’s vice-president of oncology and palliative care, told Ontario’s there are plenty of others facing the same situation as Laura in Canada.

He said donor registries are growing in size, and technological advances allow transplants to safely happen between people who are less of a match for each other are becoming more and more common.

The technology is willing, but the capacity of government-run healthcare to apply it is weak.

Maybe she didn’t die for nothing:

‘Though Laura’s casket was a beautiful sentiment from her friends and family, Laura’s fight, and now our fight, is to change the medical system to end the deadly wait times for patients requiring a bone marrow transplant,’ a post on the Hope for Laura Hillier Facebook page said.

That would entail scaling back the role of government and letting the free market work its magic. Unfortunately, the USA — to which many Canadians escape for quality care — will continue moving in the opposite direction without a conservative in the White House.

Laura Hillier
Laura Hillier, RIP.

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