Here’s Some Relieving News About Bacon – You’ll Love This

Here’s Some Relieving News About Bacon – You’ll Love This

Now, the World Health Organization is telling all of us who eat meat, we’re gonna die! Of cancer that is. That’s just ridiculous PR. Your risk of getting cancer is raised about 1%, if that, by eating meat. Meat is protein. It is good for you. We are built to eat meat. I adhere to a Paleo diet and could not do without it. So, given the choice in believing UN hacks and eating meat, I’ll take a double helping of bacon, please. This is Cass Sunstein propaganda. They want to turn us all into vegetarians and destroy the meat industries. If I were in the beef or pork industries, I’d sue these fascists. Enough of the climate change nonsense and hands off our protein!


From Red Flag News:

The World Health Organization is launching another broadside in the culture wars, declaring red meat a health risk and asserting that “processed meats,” including bacon and hot dogs, were cancer risks. To ensure everyone got the message, WHO put bacon into the same category of cancer risk as smoking or asbestos.

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That last bit is really nothing more than PR. It does not mean, as the WHO implies, that eating bacon is anywhere nearly as dangerous to your health as smoking or installing insulation in the 1950s. It simply means that eating certain amounts of bacon every day can, by itself, increase your risk of getting a particular type of cancer.
Even that “by itself” is misleading because few studies of health can isolate the innumerable variables that affect our well-being. Genes, overall diet, physical activity, lifestyle and socio-economic factors all have strong supporting roles in our health risks. Few bacon eaters have exactly the same health profiles, for example.

Let’s, however, for fun, take the WHO at its word and assume that bacon joins smoking and asbestos in the dangerous game of cancer-roulette. How much is the risk?

Smoking increases your risk of cancer by 2,500 percent. Eating two pieces of bacon every day, or one hot dog every day, increases your risk of cancer by 18 percent. Technically, they all increase your risk of cancer. They aren’t even remotely in the same ballpark though, are they?

Keep in mind, eating a hot dog every day doesn’t increase your risk of cancer to 18 percent, but increases your risk higher than it would be if you didn’t eat that frankfurter at all. The WHO is peddling “relative risk” here.

You have an X risk of getting cancer, basically because you are alive. If you eat bacon every day, however, your relative risk is 18 percent higher than X.

This is all just a big bunch of liberal, Marxist hooey. They say salt will kill us… then soda and now beef and pork. There’s always something that’s going to kill us. I’ve got news for you morons, we are all going to die. I prefer to die free and eating a bacon cheeseburger, thank you very much. So, they can stuff it. Did you know that if you eliminate all meat and fat from your diet it can kill you? I’m serious. Your body needs certain things to live and eating Kale and apples is not going to cut it. This is made up science for a political agenda. I can certainly see how smoking is incredibly bad for you. Asbestos can be deadly. But bacon? Come on! Liberals are more dangerous than bacon and we aren’t banning them. Wait…

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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