HORROR! Doctors Misdiagnose Child’s Condition As He Suffers From 100’s Of THESE On His Eye Lids!

Crabs. On his eyelids.

Up comes lunch.

This gruesome video shows hundreds of pubic lice squirming in a six-year-old’s eyelashes.

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The boy, who came to see doctors in Catania, Italy, had been complaining of severely itchy and red eyes, which medics originally misdiagnosed as eczema.

They were shocked when they looked more closely at his eyelashes with a dermascope – a device used by dermatologists to examine the skin closely.

The closer inspection reveaked he was riddled with crawling pubic lice, also known as crab lice for their crustacean-like appearance, and their round yellow eggs or ‘nits’.

The boy had been previously given eczema creams and antihistamines for his red, itchy eyes.

After discovering his infestation, doctors immediately treated him with a yellow mercuric oxide ointment, a cream used to kill pubic lice, which he had to apply four times daily for two weeks.

This killed the lice, relieving him of his itching and improving his red, inflamed skin.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors said children’s eyelashes represent a common area of infestation by pubic lice, known medically as Phthirus pubis, in children as they lack hairs in other body regions.

They said: ‘The lice are generally spread by close contact with infected adults.

‘Infestation with pubic lice is often difficult to identify because they burrow deep into the lid, and so it is often misdiagnosed as eczema or conjunctivitis due to an allergic reaction.’

Pubic lice are tiny parasitic insects that live on coarse human body hair, such as pubic hair, or in rare cases, in eyelashes, armpit hair and facial hair.

So in other words this kid was probably sleeping in the bed with his mother and/or father, who got crabs from someone, and came away with first prize.

If you really, really want to watch the video of this (no, actually, you don’t), here you go…

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