Hospital Tells Woman Her Husband Is Dead… While He Still Has A Pulse!

Hospital Tells Woman Her Husband Is Dead… While He Still Has A Pulse!

Dr. Gregory Perry made the sad mistake of not listening to Tammy Cleveland when she begged him to recheck the prognosis of her husband Michael Cleveland who presumed dead – but still had a pulse!


Michael E. Cleveland, 46, suffered a heart attack and was declared dead at a Buffalo area hospital on Oct. 10, 2014. But Cleveland did not actually die until the next morning.

For nearly three hours, Dr. Gregory Perry refused to reconsider his declaration, despite continuous reports from Cleveland’s family — and from a Niagara County coroner who refused to take the body — that the man was breathing and moving. Medical staff told the widow that if her husband had been treated sooner for a collapsed lung punctured during CPR, he may have lived, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

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“Poor Mike,” Tammy told The News. “He’s got to hear everybody saying he’s dead. Can you imagine?”

It would have taken the doctor one minute to check this man’s pulse, yet his arrogance and ignorance left a man to pass away for no reason. Even if the man had truly passed away, it was one minute to satisfy the need of the family and offer them a slightly uncomfortable amount of closure in their tragic event.

If you can’t give ONE minute to help save a life, then maybe you don’t belong in a hospital.

hospital messed up really bad

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