To Keep Receiving Benefits, Double-Amputee Was Told To Do THIS

To Keep Receiving Benefits, Double-Amputee Was Told To Do THIS

This happened in the UK, but with Obamacare morphing in the US just as Obama intended, this is a window into our healthcare… and soon. Daniel Gallagher, who is a double amputee, has been told by the Department for Work and Pensions there that he has to prove he has a disability. He lost both legs when a police van ran over them four years ago. He’s only 26 years-old. More socialist changes to healthcare in the UK have affected disability benefits there and he’s been moved onto the Personal Independent Payment system. That caused them to call for a reassessment of Daniel’s disability status and his payments that he relied on to temporarily stop.


From The Mirror:

Daniel Gallagher has been told to prove he is disabled – despite being a double amputee.

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The 26-year-old lost both his legs after he was run over by a police van four years ago.

But because of changes to disability benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions is moving him onto the new Personal Independence Payment.

When his PIP application got delayed in the post, Daniel said, it caused his benefits payments to temporarily halt.

Daniel is a former rugby player from Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire. He said he relies on a disability living allowance and a mobility car because of his injuries. But he can only apply for another car after his PIP application has been processed, which will take around four to six weeks. “I will need to prove I’m disabled. They say I’ll have to go to an assessment in Aberdeen,” he said.
“I’m stuck out in Mintlaw in a house by myself. I’m basically stranded.” This guy has no one… why can’t someone go out there and assess him? I know laziness, incompetence and ineptness abound in the socialist UK healthcare system, but come on! A spokesperson for DWP told that they have reinstated Daniel’s benefits and have given him back-payments so that he hasn’t lost out on any money. “Decisions on eligibility for PIP are made based on all the available evidence, including from a GP,” the spokesperson added. “Mr Gallagher’s form has now been received and is being processed.” That’s bureaucratic doublespeak… he got some publicity and they decided they didn’t want to look bad. What a bunch of hacks.



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