Man Finds a NASTY Surprise Inside His Ingrown Toenail

Man Finds a NASTY Surprise Inside His Ingrown Toenail

Just so revoltingly gross. A man had a surgeon cut into and remove a horridly ingrown toenail, but that’s not the really bad part. When the doc cut into the skin under the nail to get it out of there, he found two maggots underneath. The video shows the whole stomach churning procedure. A lot of blood gushes out as well. Man, that looks incredibly painful. What I don’t understand is why the foot looks black and the toes look white. And why didn’t they give him local anesthetic to prevent the horrid pain of the procedure? This was done in Brazil, so maybe the color of the skin is simply from prolonged exposure to sun and maybe the docs down there are not so concerned with their patient’s comfort.


From the Daily Mail:

This is the revolting moment live wriggling maggots are found underneath a man’s ingrown toenail.

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The stomach-churning clip begins showing a surgeon surgically removing part of the nail on a man’s big toe.

First, the doctor squeezes a scalpel underneath the inflamed skin over the nail – in order to cut away the strip lodged into his skin.

As she cuts out the offending strip, blood pours out of the wound.

The man, who is unnamed here, gasps in agony as she runs the scalpel down his nail, which is eventually cut away. But as the doctor wipes away the blood, two white maggots, around 1 cm long, are squeezed out of the wound. She places them on his big toe as she finishes removing the nail and they lay there writhing. This was a partial nail avulsion. I hope I never have to have one. Evidently flies often lay their larvae in places like ingrown toenails where there is dead skin. They feed on wounds. Some hospital departments still use maggots to clean wounds. The doctor said: ‘Traditionally, a lot of wound departments have used a special type of maggot to take away rotten tissue. So if applied to a diabetic patient with a bad ulcer, the maggots will eat away all the rotten flesh. ‘They aid healing because they clean away all the gunk.’ Left untreated, an ingrown toenail can lead to infection of the bone and in a worst case scenario, a person might have to have their toe amputated.


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