National Outrage After Chick-fil-A Does THIS

National Outrage After Chick-fil-A Does THIS

Chick-fil-A has come out with a new diet suggestion and it is brilliant marketing. They recommend you eat an 8-count pack of grilled chicken nuggets three or four times a day. Now, I’m sure that was meant to be humorous at first. But those of us that eat Paleo might just consider something similar. If you can afford to eat there that often, there are worse ways to eat. However, Paleo recommends non-processed foods, so I would say eating protein like roast beef or other less processed meats would work better. It’s an intriguing concept though and I’m sure it is meant to get people to “Eat Mor Chickin!” Just sayin’.


From the Daily Mail:

Chick-fil-A has decided to take their turn at the diet craze and offered their advice for healthier living to customers looking to start their New Year off right.

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The chain listed their ‘great ideas for healthier living’ on its takeout bag that said, ‘eat smaller meals (like an 8-count pack of grilled chicken nuggets) every three to four hours’.

The advice was first seen after being tweeted by SBNation’s Rodger Sherman.

At four times a day and 140 calories, that comes to 560 calories altogether. Not bad. The salt is a factor though, I’ll give you that. And I will tell you from personal experience, cutting all fat out of your diet has nasty side effects. Protein is fantastic, but you need more than just that. You need veggies and fruit… all can be natural. This is an effort to get people to keep on frequenting fast food outlets which of late have been struggling. Eating fast food is costly and it is terrible for your weight and health. Grilled chicken nuggets are one of the least offensive choices, but the cost is still a sticking point. Having said that, if you have to eat out, this is a good choice.





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