ObamaCare Tampon Tax

Over and over, Candidate Obama promised that 95% of Americans would pay less in taxes if he took power. Yet the Baucus bill — which Chairman Zero’s allies in Congress may ram through with the nuclear option — taxes items used by far more than 5% of us, including tampons, contact lens solution, and condoms.

Rick Tyler of Renewing American Leadership comments:

[W]hat I think people are beginning to understand is when President Obama said in the speech, “I will not pass this if it adds a single dollar to the deficit,” and what he means by that, and what he didn’t say, and what hasn’t been covered, is that when you don’t add a single dollar to the deficit to pay for this massive increase in spending, you have to increase taxes. …

So, since King George put a tax on tea 236 years ago, we’ve gone from a revolt from a tax on tea to a revolt on Obama’s tax on tampons. And it is not because people are racist or have a propensity to violence, they’re just against it, and people understand that every tax is an encroachment on freedom.

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Something else people are beginning to understand is that no tampon tax is going to pay for socialized medicine. The biggest tax will come as more and more money is printed to pay for outrageous extravagances on the socialist wish list. The ensuing inflation will be a massive tax on every single person who uses American currency, whether they buy tampons or not.

Maybe it’s time to dump some of these in Boston Harbor.

On a tip from John R. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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