After Chewing Her Hair for 20 Years, Docs Found THIS in Her Guts

After Chewing Her Hair for 20 Years, Docs Found THIS in Her Guts

Oh, hell no. This is disgusting, and sick, and gross, and did I mention DISGUSTING!?! First of all, she’s had the habit for a long time…even as a child. WHY MOM AND DAD… WHY?! Why would you let your little girl continue to chew on her hair…because they had to have known that there would be consequences to it… Just wait, you will be singing to the same tune with me pretty soon…


From Rare:

After chewing her hair for almost 20 years, an Indian woman had to have a nearly seven-pound hairball surgically removed from her stomach and intestines and the footage is absolutely horrifying.

The 31-year-old woman was taken to a hospital last week, and eventually admitted to having the habit of chewing on her hair since the age of nine.

“Her stomach and intestines were filled with hair so there was no way she could’ve digested food or water,” surgeon Hardeep Singh said. “Whatever she consumed was not getting absorbed and she would vomit.”

Singh says he’s never seen anything like what they pulled out of the woman’s stomach.

“It was around 40 cm long. She is now having proper meals without any issue and will be discharged from hospital after three days once her stitches are removed.”

So what’s for dinner tonight?

Ew…I just grossed myself out with that question.

Never mind.

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