It Was a Routine Haircut… But When the Barber Saw THIS, He Rushed to the Emergency Room

It Was a Routine Haircut… But When the Barber Saw THIS, He Rushed to the Emergency Room

Imagine you or your partner walks into the SuperCuts for a routine trim. It should be a quick $7 and complaining about the quality of your layers for a few days, right?

Well, Fire Chief John Angerstein’s “routine trim” ended up with him in the surgery room. His story is definitely a warning to EVERYONE about checking your body for strange “moles” that could be dangerous.


From AWM:

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Most of the time,  John Angerstein is the one saving lives.  As a fire chief, he is rushing into burning buildings and cars regularly and wants to make sure that everybody is okay.  This time around, John turned out needing some help and it was his barber who was able to come and save the day.

John went and sat down for a haircut one day just as usual, but when his barber was trimming along the side of his right ear, his barber noticed that there was some type of mole on his scalp right above his ear area.  He pointed it out, but John said that he also had other moles so he ignored the warning and then proceeded to go home.

Later on, another person pointed out the darkened area above his ear, and that was the last straw for him.  He called his dermatologist and set up an appointment for the next day so that he could have that situation sorted out once and for all.

When he went to go see the dermatologist, he got some worried new because the doctor said that his affected area did not look good, and there was something bad that could come out of that.  John was then sent to the Cancer Center in Houston.

At the Cancer Center they found out that the mole located on him was actually an aggressive form of cancer and it needed to be operated on immediately in order to have some hope of surviving the situation.  John’s life was now in danger in the blink of an eye and he had no idea what was in store for him.

At the time, his wife was also away due to some family conditions so he was left with himself and his faith to cope with the struggles that would lie ahead of him.

When he went to go get the skin cancer looked at and operated on, he learned that the cancer still had not spread to his lymph nodes, meaning that there was more chance that he will have an easy operation.   When surgeons went in to remove the cancer, they were able to get it all out and allow John to have another chance at life.

Anyone who has had a family member die from Melanoma or ANY other cancer knows the importance of getting routine check ups, whether you have a family history of cancer or not. It can arise at any time and it can become life-threatening in the blink of an eye. Keep you and your family safe by keeping on top of your health.

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