San Francisco Petition To Ban Circumcision is About Much More than Skin

San Francisco’s latest, greatest “cause celebre” is : the penis.:  Sure, why not?

Liberals are driving this city-in-decline into the ocean (++++See below for San Francisco financial problems) because they refuse to stop spending tax payer money on “do-gooder” causes and refuse to deal with the financial reality of dwindling tax revenues.: :  San Francisco radicals, most of : whom live off inherited wealth, billionaire donors like George Soros,: : or government largesse : are now obsessing about how much skin a man should or should not have on his schmeckel.: :  (No billboards yet, but they should be interesting!)

Another excuse for an outlandish parade : in San Francisco is the male foreskin.:  Yes, you heard me.:  There is a move underway to bring a voter’s initiative to ban male circumcisions in San Francisco. The law would not just ban them, but make them illegal and subject the “perpetrators” : to jail time.

Blood libel campaign against those who support circumcisions
Blood libel campaign against (Jews) and others who support circumcisions

There is actually MUCH more at stake in this petition drive in San Francisco than the obvious.: There are tie-ins to a lot of national and international United Nations:  and “one-world order” organizations, with very significant anti-Semitic implications.

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“It’s genital mutilation,” said Lloyd Schofield, the author of a San Francisco ballot measure that would make it a “misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the…genitals” of a person under 18……

“You shouldn’t be performing cosmetic surgery for other people,” said Schofield, who points out that female circumcision is banned, but was covered by Blue Cross insurance in the United States into the 1970s……

“Tattooing a child is banned as a felony and circumcision is more harmful than a tattoo,” said Schofield, who believes religious traditions should change.

“People can practice whatever religion they want, but your religious practice ends with someone else’s body,” said Schofield. “It’s a man’s body and…his body doesn’t belong to his culture, his government, his religion or even his parents. It’s his decision.”

The measure is not on the ballot yet. Schofield needs to collect more than 7,100 signatures.

Male Genital “Mutilation” is Next “Big Thing” for Liberals

Scientists with the Centers for Disease Control are still studying whether circumcisions are healthier, and have promised recommendations to the public. Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, a CDC researcher reported a sharp drop in the number of American parents choosing circumcision in hospitals – from 56 percent in 2006 to less than 33 percent last year.

There is a national organization, partially sponsored by Amnesty International, called “MGM”:  which says it has re-introduced legislation in Congress and several states to make male genital “mutilation” or circumcisions, illegal.

Former United Nations official Steven Lewis is one of the champions of circumcisions in the third world as a way to prevent HIV/AIDS infections.:  (See video here.)

Male Genital “Mutilation”:  Has Tie-in to Lawyers’ Next “Big Thing”::  Children’s rights

As we are learning from such as issues as global warming and national health care, once liberals get it in their heads that they “know best” for society about something, they will press their:  causes FOR DECADES until they win.:  But “winning” for a lot of them is simply the “struggle,” because the advocacy groups can milk virtually-unending funding sources such as George Soros. Whether they actually “win” in 30 years may not matter, because they made a good living as an activist for a good, long time.

Though San Francisco may be one of the first cities to take on the issue of male circumcisions so publicly, this issue actually ties in to yet another liberal “pet project” that had genesis years ago and still trying to go mainstream::  The “childrens’ rights movement.”

Any way to exert “world order” on human liberties is: of interest to : the United Nations, and so there also exists the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

This cause got a great big “push” during the Clinton administration.:  Attorney Hillary found a way to placate the very-generous trial lawyers’ lobby by trying to create a whole new area of litigation for them.:  Children suing their parents, think of the possibilities!:  What a “rainmaker” Hillary is!

I am exaggerating only a little with this: “anecdotal” : liberal view of the future:

Because both parents will need to work due to wealth distributive taxation, children shall be shoved into child care as soon as they can walk, and then on to public school with “before” and “after”school care, where they can be indoctrinated in kindergarten about recycling, global warming, and what “fisting” is.:  By third grade they can “learn” to question their sexuality and sue their parents for violating their right to access to condoms, or feeding them “unhealthy” food.:  What remedy would there be for the litigant-child?:  Moving children out of their own homes for their safety and to protect their “rights?”:  Why not just raise them in warehouses where government knows best?

Children’s rights movement and San Francisco Male Circumcision Tie-in

The “spokesman” for the San Francisco petition drive to outlaw male circumcision in San Francisco is Lloyd Schofield.:  A few months ago, the Circumcision and group (see more here)had a booth where Lloyd was speaking : at a city festival for the penis skin cause.:  The website says they were “sponsored by Attorneys for the Rights of Children.” (ARC)

Once again, our presence was sponsored by Attorneys for the Rights of the Child and organized by this blog with a great deal of help from everyone involved. I arrived and set up the booth with Frank McGinniss early Sunday morning. Others arrived later to staff the space and gather signatures for the initiative, partially modeled on efforts by and with the advisement and assistance of Matthew Hess.

J. Steven Svoboda of Attorneys for the Rights of Children
J. Steven Svoboda of Attorneys for the Rights of Children
What is ARC?:  Attorneys for the Rights of Children is based in, you guessed it, Berkeley, California.:  Attorney J. Steven Svoboda is listed as the founder/president. : Clearly, part of his agenda is finding clients who wish to sue due to their “bad circumcisions.” ARC is a charitable 501 (c) (3) organization.

Svoboda also in on YouTube, advertising his services through “information” about circumcision lawsuits.

His website archives show he has done international lectures on male circumcisions.:  He describes one such event in London in 2008 which combined various genital/cosmetic surgery/ gay/lesbian/”intersex” speakers.:  Surgery for sex change patients was part of the lecture.

Hypocrisy of the:  “Male Genital Mutilation”/: Circumcision movement, what is the: REAL agenda?

–Trying to re-label male “circumcisions” as “mutilation” is just one of the subtle subterfuges to achieve more legislative success.

–There is also a distinct anti-Semitic slant: : Jews have been circumcising their male children for six thousand years.:  Somehow, it’s worked out okay: for them.

–The MGM movement has a lot of support from the gay community.:  I don’t really care to describe why this is.

–How’s this for hypocrisy?–All this pious outrage because a baby boy hasn’t given: his permission to have his foreskin cut, yet there is no outrage among any of these people over tearing a fetus to shreds with a suction wand.:  The fetus gets no vote, either.

–The hypocrisy of the gay/transgender community:  on this issue is a doozy.:  : In San Francisco, : city employees have their sex-change surgery FULLY PAID by the city of San Francisco.:  (is it any wonder the city is BROKE????):  Without getting into a lot of detail, sex-change surgery is the ultimate in self-mutilation (warning graphic photos) (here is just one example of post-operative infection from this invasive mutilating surgery —warning graphic):  No matter which sex you are leaving or assuming, there is a “mutilated” person: as the end-product.

How can a simple circumcision be determined to be so horrible to this community, while chopping the whole thing off: or re-arranging giblets internally is something that is supposedly so wonderful it must be sanctioned by San Francisco taxpayers?

(++++ foot note on financial woes of San Francisco from above reference)

San Francisco’s reputation as the wack job receptacle of the world is well-deserved.:  There is no one minding the till at city hall, just a bunch of radicals who “play government” : cutting ribbons, attending parties and lurching from one “pet” liberal cause to another.: :  They have just banned toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals in the interest of “food justice,” and they even wasted an inordinate amount of time on : a bill banning pet stores.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom

The liberal supervisors running the city/county, led in absentia by the perennial-running-for-higher-office-because-he-thinks-he’s-a-Kennedy-or-something:  Mayor Gavin Newsom, have kept San Francisco drowning in debt.:  The city budget deficit has been around half a billion dollars and will be three quarters of a billion dollars this year.

The “anti-circumcision” petition is cartoonishly-ridiculous to make San Francisco a national laughingstock (again) except that it treads on the religious beliefs of one of the world’s long-standing religions.: :  The groups leading the charge: here in San Francisco: are loosely affiliated with the: United Nations and the: “one-world” movement.:  There is a distinct anti-Semitic, anti-Israel:  undercurrent to all of it.

Giving this “circumcision” ordinance a “hand-hold” ( no pun intended) : here in San Francisco, will open the door to litigation.:  Get a few court decisions here and it gets the chance to “go viral” around the country.

Bottom line: The “male genital mutilation” movement involves much more than who decides what to do when with someone’s penis. This is about “control” and making one of the most time-honored aspects of Judaism to be declared “barbaric” and “illegal.”

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