SICK: Vet Begs VA For Help; They Do THIS Instead

SICK: Vet Begs VA For Help; They Do THIS Instead

A 29-year Army Veteran dealing with healthcare issues and living in pain, can’t get to a doctor because he’s passed around like a hot potato in gym class. Their advice was for him to search YouTube for a cure! WHAT? Doesn’t this America-loving serviceman deserve to visit a doctor that can help him?

From the Conservative Tribune:


Lt. Col. Dan Morgan, an 29-year veteran of the U.S. Army, spoke out about his case to American Military News. He says that the “care” he gets from his local Veterans Affairs hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina, is woefully inadequate.

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In terms of his hip pain, he’s been waiting more than a year to see a doctor who can help him. In the meantime, the VA is directing him to a source better known for cat videos and teenagers dropping a roll of Mentos into a Coke bottle, as opposed to a physical therapist.

It’s very sad that we treat Veterans so poorly. They deserve the greatest amount of respect and best healthcare we can provide.

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