When She Squeezed the Egg-Sized Bump on Her Back, She Never Thought THIS Would Come Out [VIDEO]

When She Squeezed the Egg-Sized Bump on Her Back, She Never Thought THIS Would Come Out [VIDEO]

Dr. Pimple Popper brings you another one of her procedures for your viewing pleasure. Pop some popcorn, grab yourself a drink and get ready for a whole lot of GROSS stuff being squeezed out of a person’s body. On second thought, hold the food and beverage. Why would you do that to yourself?

This is a video that brings you not 1, but 4 cases, and if you are interested in knowing what the individual cases are, I will list them for you here:

Case #1: Dilated Pore of Winer on back, extracted with comedone extractor.
Case#2: Blackheads
Case #3: Infected Cyst on Back / Abscess.
Case#4: Whiteheads

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.53.58 AM

From YouTube:

This patient initially saw my husband, Dr Jeff Rebish, for this cyst (that he has had for a long time) that had become very red and inflamed in the week or so prior to my seeing him. He was given antibiotics and told to apply warm compresses, because an red inflamed cyst needs to “come to a head” for us to do an incision & drainage (I & D).

His wife had been trying to express the contents I think at least a couple times before I saw him, which is why the area was very red and there was really not much cyst contents contained within.

When an I & D is done, the intention is to drain as much of the inflamed cyst contents as possible, and then leave the wound open to heal from the inside out.

As you can see, in this case, I packed the wound because the skin in this area is very tight and unyielding and I suspected it wouldn’t properly stay open and heal well.

However, I don’t do this often, and it may have healed much the same without this packing.

Did you get all the way through the video? You are certainly a champ if you did. I tried…I failed.

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