STOMACH-CHURNING VIDEO: Extracting A Tick From A Person’s Thigh Shows How Strong They Can Be

This is incredibly awful, but if you’ve ever found ticks on your dog and set about trying to remove them you know what an ordeal it can be and how painful it is for the poor puppy.

Spoken from experience.

What we don’t have experience with at Right Wing News, thankfully, is the extraction of ticks from a human host. We’ll just have to go by the word of these folks

From the Mirror:

This skin-crawling footage might make you think twice about going for a hike any time soon.

The Youtube video shows a tick being extracted slowly and meticulously from a person’s thigh.

At over five minutes long, the clip shows that removing a tick properly takes time, even though it might be tempting to rip the bug off immediately in disgust.

But as ticks can spread several diseases, including Lyme disease, experts recommend a more careful extraction.

In the video a form of suction device is used to pull the tiny bug out of the bite.

And the force needed to remove it seems incredible, showing how hard the tiny arachnid’s can latch on.

Here’s the video. Sucking it out of there doesn’t look like it’s going to work.

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