Stupid Liberal Argument #643: Republicans In Congress Shouldn’t Take Their Free Health Care If They Oppose Obamacare

Liberals spend most of their time lying about what they believe, vilifying conservatives, and trying to distract people — and no wonder, because logic is not their strong suit. Here’s a typical liberal argument being made by Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney over at the Huffington Post,

Today, Republican Members of Congress who ran on a platform of repealing health care and patients’ rights for millions of Americans officially began receiving their own Congressional health insurance. Just two weeks after their party voted unanimously to strip patient protections and affordable coverage for all Americans, all but 15 new Republican members of the 112th Congress are enrolled in a comprehensive insurance plan. Their plan is paid for with generous subsidies courtesy of the American taxpayer, and has no waiting period for pre-existing illness or disability.

…Of course, if my new Republican colleagues were serious about repealing the Affordable Care Act and not just scoring political points, they would do what they are asking of millions of Americans by purchasing insurance on the open market and forfeiting their taxpayer-funded coverage.

In other words, if Republicans oppose systematically destroying the quality of our medical system, death panels, exploding costs for health care, taxpayer funded abortion, and rationing health care, they should turn down health care that’s offered for free as part of the job they hold.

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What exactly is supposed to be hypocritical about that? Oh, somebody in the country doesn’t have health care, so they shouldn’t have it either? Maybe it’s just me, but everybody takes free health care that comes with their job unless they can get covered by something better. In other words, by taking free health care, Republicans in Congress are doing exactly the same thing everyone else in the country does.

Here’s an idea: If Democrats really believe this nonsense, why don’t they refuse expensive treatments so that they can experience what rationing will be like for other Americans in the future under Obamacare? How about, when they get sick, they go to Britain and sign up and wait for weeks to be seen by doctors and months to get key operations like all Americans will down the road under the Democrats’ health care reform bill? How about we set up a panel of unelected bureaucrats who get to decide whether it’s worth spending our tax dollars to pay for a Democratic Congressman’s health care treatment or if we’d be better off saving the money. I’m sure there are some budget conscious Tea Partiers who’d volunteer to provide that service.

So come on, Joe Courtney, put your money where your mouth is on Obamacare!

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