Teddy Kennedy From The Grave: Medicare As A Path To Single Payer

Are you starting to breath easier because it looks like the Public Option is toast? Don’t. The guys from Verum Serum explain:

Earlier today I referred to the Senate compromise plan as “RahmCare”, given a similar proposal that the President’s Chief-of-Staff made at a congressional healthcare forum in 2007. But it turns out this isn’t RahmCare — it’s Kennedy’s long sought dream for Medicare for All. Down to the last detail.

Not only did Senate Democrats adopt Kennedy’s idea for the the initial phase-in of Medicare for Americans aged 55-64, but Kennedy’s plan also included granting eligible participants access to the quasi-private plans in the Federal Employees Health Benefit program. Which is the other key element of the public option “compromise”.


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how we went from a situation only a week ago where not only was the defeat of the public option virtually inevitable, but where it’s defeat also threatened to bring the down the entire health reform effort along with it. And here we are now looking at the biggest step towards a single payer system since the inception of Medicare.

Go read the whole thing. They have a video of Teddy Kennedy laying everything out for the Democrats. It’s his plan. Still.

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