The Obama Administration Vs. The Insurance Industry: The Double Standard

The Obama Administration’s demonization campaign against the insurance industry is proceeding apace with Kathleen Sebelius publicly carping about the companies:

The head of the Health and Human Services Department is sketching out a stark choice for the nation’s insurers: oppose reform and eventually lose customers, or work with the Obama administration to improve the legislation.

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told health insurers Wednesday that if overhaul fails, premiums will continue to rise and employers will cancel coverage. She said the industry may make money in the short term, but it won’t work for Americans and it eventually won’t help insurers.

Sebelius urged the insurers to help create a sustainable market where all Americans could buy coverage. She said they should spend the millions that might go to attack ads on reducing the cost of premiums.

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So, the Obama Administration can aim: its daily two minutes of hate at the insurance industry in a transparent attempt to gin up support for health care reform, but HOW DARE the insurance companies buy ads to get their side of the story out? These insurance companies are supposed to keep their mouths shut while they’re falsely portrayed as health care villains — all because Obamacare is unpopular.

You see, since the public hates Obamacare with a passion, the Democrats are using the oldest liberal trick in the book. When you can’t win on the merits, try to convince people that it’s more important to tear someone else down than to raise their own lives up. The designated bad guy in this case is the insurance industry.

“Oh, but isn’t Sebelius right? Couldn’t they cut down on the cost of premiums if they didn’t buy ads?”

You know, I never heard that argument from anyone when people were saying that, “The nation’s drugmakers stand ready to spend $150 million to help President Barack Obama overhaul health care.”

So, if it’s okay for special interests to support health care, what’s wrong with special interests taking the opposite position? Nothing, unless you’re applying the standard liberal double standard.

PS: Heck, if the pot were sweetened a little bit, the insurance companies would probably be on board, too. After all, Obama wants to force tens of millions of people to buy their product. That much of the plan, I guarantee you they support.

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