They Saw a Stick Coming Out of Baby’s Neck… When They Pull It Out? OMG

They Saw a Stick Coming Out of Baby’s Neck… When They Pull It Out? OMG

This is incredibly weird. The Whittington’s baby was very cranky and kept tugging at the area under her left ear. They thought she was teething or that she had an ear infection. The next morning, her neck was swollen and there was a lump. That was when they decided to take her to the doctor. The doc thought it was a staph infection and went to drain it. Nothing came out. Suddenly, something like a stick started sticking out of the infant’s neck. They pulled it out and it was a feather. Her body was rejecting it and that is what all this was about.

Baby Neck

From the Conservative Tribune:

Emma Whittington was home with her 7-month-old baby girl Mya when she noticed that the infant had become irritable. While Emma’s husband Aaron was away at work, Emma noticed that Mya had been pulling at the area under her left ear.

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When she brought up the concern to her husband, both of them decided that it was likely due to Mya teething or getting an ear infection.

However, Mya’s neck soon started to swell, and waiting was not helping matters. That is when they rushed baby Mya to the emergency room.

Mya will be fine now. She is fully recovered since the feather has been removed. They still don’t know how she swallowed it. It is a warning to parents though that feathers in jackets and pillows can cause harm to their children. I never even considered that. Thankfully, this couple had sense enough to take the little one to a doctor and this all resolved with a happy ending. Who would have dreamed a baby would swallow or breath in a feather and the body would react this way? Just incredible.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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