VIDEO: Doctor Warns America That CDC is Lying, and Ebola Will Soon Sweep Across the Country

VIDEO: Doctor Warns America That CDC is Lying, and Ebola Will Soon Sweep Across the Country

Ever since one person in the United States has been diagnosed with Ebola, a lot of people have been in full-fledged panic mode. And like any good panic-monger, they’re eager to make sure that other people panic with them, such as a doctor who had the bright idea to stroll around an airport in a white jumpsuit with “CDC is Lying!” written on the back.


Dr. Gil Mobley checked in and cleared airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”

“If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo.

Mobley said the CDC is “sugar-coating” the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.

“For them to say last week that the likelihood of importing an Ebola case was extremely small was a real bad call,” he said.

“Once this disease consumes every third world country, as surely it will, because they lack the same basic infrastructure as Sierra Leone and Liberia, at that point, we will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis,” Mobley predicted. “That will overwhelm any advanced country’s ability to contain the clusters in isolation and quarantine. That spells bad news.”

Reality isn’t quite as fun as hysteria, unfortunately, so people will continue to milk this for all its worth. Ebola actually isn’t a very contagious virus — measles and pertussis, for example, are both far more contagious, and anti-vaxxers have helped those diseases make a nice little comeback, but people aren’t panicking about that, are they? There’s no reason to suspect a major outbreak in this country, and comparing the United States, and our health care system, to that of Liberia and Sierra Leone is not only laughable, but it’s shameful, shameful because it’s spreading hysteria and panic without any rational or scientific reason to do so.

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