Why Ben Carson is Scared Ebola Could Spread to the United States

Why Ben Carson is Scared Ebola Could Spread to the United States

Ebola is one of the most deadly known viruses in the world, and there’s been a massive outbreak in Africa. Two American doctors have been infected with Ebola, and both are being treated in the United States, which Ben Carson fears could launch a massive outbreak here as well.


Today Dr. Ben Carson criticized the decision to bring Ebola patients to the US on Newsmax TV. He said that instead of bringing patients infected with the deadly virus back to the US, it would have been better to send a hospital—equipped plane or set up a hospital in Africa.

He was questioned on whether the fear of Ebola spreading in the US is real, and he responded:

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It is very real. It is a highly contagious disease and all it requires is some infractions in procedures and all of a sudden you have got more spread and that’s what I’m afraid of.

Two Americans infected with Ebola have come back to the United States so far, each to Emory University Hospital in Georgia. Great precautions are being taken by the hospital, including controlling everything that goes in and out of the patients room. The question is: will those precautions be enough?

It seems the precautions so far have been enough — not only has the virus not spread, but the first Ebola patient, Dr. Kent Brantly, is actually improving. American medicine is the best in the world, despite Barack Obama’s best efforts to change that, and doctors have been developing an experimental drug which appears to be working on the American doctors infected with Ebola. Bringing these doctors here was the right call, not only because it in all likelihood saved these two doctors’ lives, but because it might mean a medical breakthrough that saves millions of more lives.

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