1993 Letter from Clinton to Sessions Surfaces – Democrats PANICKING Over What It Says…

1993 Letter from Clinton to Sessions Surfaces – Democrats PANICKING Over What It Says…

The left is outraged that Jeff Sessions would ask for the resignation of 46 of the 90 attorneys on staff at the Department of Justice. The other 44 had already seen the writing on the wall and had resigned. This is not out of the norm… it is standard practice from one administration to another to replace the attorneys appointed under the former president. One of the attorneys even refused to leave unless he was actually fired. He was obliged and told to leave. Just what did he expect would happen? Now the media is saying that the DOJ will no longer be nonpartisan. I’ve got news for them, it wasn’t under Barack Obama.

In fact, this very same thing happened to Jeff Sessions when Bill Clinton was elected. Janet Reno asked for his resignation and he complied… he still has the letter to prove it. It blows the left’s narrative all to hell that this was unfair and targeted. It’s not and they know it. CNN declared this couldn’t have been handled any worse. Talk about disingenuous and dishonest. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from the Clinton News Network.


From Young Conservatives:

Liberals have been up in arms over Attorney General Jeff Sessions handing the 46 remaining Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys their pink slips.




Although firing the previous U.S. Attorneys is a normal practice engaged in by prior presidents, naturally, once President Donald Trump does it, it suddenly is painted as an evil, unprecedented action with obvious ulterior motives.

Jeff Sessions knows how normal it is because he was actually one of the 93 U.S. Attorneys asked to resign by former President Bill Clinton and his incoming AG, Janet Reno. He still has the letter.


Jeff Sessions’ letter leaves them not knowing which way to turn, now that it blows their narrative.

It’s normal to resign.

What’s not normal is to fight it or to call it something other than what it is, replacing the former President’s appointees with your own people.

Let’s leave the final word on the issue to former Attorney General Eric Holder.


This is a practice that has been in place since at least Ronald Reagan, but because this is Donald Trump, the left is screeching over it. It’s normal procedure for these attorneys to resign. What is odd is one refusing to do so. But like Eric Holder says, “Elections have consequences.” Too true and now the shoe is on the other foot.

With all the leaks and sabotage plaguing the White House, I think this was the right move and I don’t blame them. These are Obama holdovers that you cannot trust. Reno said she asked for the resignations, according to The Sun Sentinel, “so that the U.S. attorneys presently in position will know where they stand and so that we can begin to build a team that represents a Department of Justice that represents my views and the views of President Clinton.” The same is very true for President Trump. Get over it already.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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