Behind Closed Doors, Hillary Says the ONE THING She’d Change About 2016 Is…

Behind Closed Doors, Hillary Says the ONE THING She’d Change About 2016 Is…

Hillary Clinton did not have a good year in 2016. She was plagued by constant scandals and ended the year with a humiliating loss in the presidential election to Donald Trump. But still, she says there is only one thing she would change if she could do it all over again.


Clinton was speaking at Wellesley College when the question came up. She was asked what she would do differently, she had one simple answer. “I’d win,” she said.

She was giving a close Q&A to around 1,000 faculty, staff and students. There was supposed to be a livestream of the talk, but that ended up being cancelled and attendees also had to turn their cell phones off before entering so that, according to Wellesley President Paula Johnson, the talk remained “a private Wellesley event.” Hillary graduated from Wellesley in 1969 and is set to deliver a commencement address there in May.

In her speech, she spoke of how hard it was to run for president as a woman. “You know you’re going to be subject to unfair and besides-the-point criticism,” she complained. “Compromise is not a dirty word in democracy.”

And while she said she would “win” if she could do 2016 over again, there’s no word on how exactly she would do that. Magically erase her countless scandals? Throw out all of her baggage? It’s clear that she still has no idea why she lost and until she — and her fellow Democrats — understand that, they’ll never be able to be successful.

What do you think of what Hillary said?

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