BREAKING: Steps to FORCE FBI Director Comey to Resign In Process – Hearing Decides His Fate Sept 28

BREAKING: Steps to FORCE FBI Director Comey to Resign In Process – Hearing Decides His Fate Sept 28

The FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, where they acknowledged criminal activity yet refused to charge her anyway, has ignited a firestorm of criticism… and it looks like FBI Director James Comey might be the first casualty when heads start to roll. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s top aides, including Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, even though Mills had refused to cooperate with the FBI throughout the investigation and allegedly refused to give investigators her computer for examination. Now, the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for September 28th that will decide Comey’s fate.


Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova has loudly called for Comey to resign and when that did not happen, demanded that he lose his job. “This now gets to the point of a serious question as to the director’s fitness for office,” DiGenova said. He believes that the FBI should have had a grand jury convened and a subpoena issued for Mills’ computer. “The contours of this investigation are so embarrassing to the FBI because it is now clear that they immunized people who had criminal exposure and did not conduct a proper investigation before they gave immunity,” he said. “This was not a real investigation. This was a ‘protected investigation’ designed to look like an investigation.”

DiGenova demanded that Congress hold hearings to look into the investigation and evidently, they listened. This week, Comey will have to answer for his behavior.


Will Congress hold Comey responsible for this joke of an investigation? He isn’t just having to face a hearing; he’s been issued a subpoena from Congress, too.

Congress has repeatedly requested that Comey provide certain documents on Clinton’s email scandal and he has repeatedly failed to provide them. In a further attempt to get Comey to comply, Lamar Smith of Texas has slapped Comey with a subpoena compelling him to cough up the documents.

How loyal is Comey to Hillary, really? Is he really willing to lose his career or even go to prison to cover for her? And if the answer to that question is “yes,” then the new question becomes… why?

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