Clinton Family’s Bad Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome Has Chelsea CONTRADICTING Campaign BIG TIME! [VIDEO]

Clinton Family’s Bad Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome Has Chelsea CONTRADICTING Campaign BIG TIME! [VIDEO]


I guess Chelsea Clinton didn’t get the memo from Mommy Dearest. She has totally contradicted what Hillary’s campaign released to the Politico on her illness. This is what the Politico had to say:

“Hillary Clinton never lost consciousness, and never stopped talking on her phone — and never put anyone else in danger — after her near swoon at a Sept. 11 memorial on Sunday in New York, according to accounts offered by several people close to the candidate.

…But the two Clinton confidantes told POLITICO that Clinton, drinking water while sitting in the air-conditioned backseat, quickly recovered and began making calls to tell staff and family what had happened, and almost immediately began assessing the political fallout.

By the time her motorcade arrived at daughter Chelsea’s apartment, she was feeling better — and was given a big bottle of Gatorade. She didn’t rest much while there, one of the sources said, but played with her grandchildren and made more phone calls. Clinton was ready to head back to her house in Chappaqua after about an hour at the apartment — but she had to remain in place to wait for her traveling press pool — which had been penned in at ground zero — to arrive so they could witness her walk out to an SUV, under her own steam.”

They claim that Clinton bounced right back… she was calling people and playing with her grand kids. Bullcrap. She had multiple seizures and was lifted and dragged into that van. There’s no way she was making calls, etc.

From Gateway Pundit:

“Well, I, I didn’t see the video, but my mom did come over to my apartment afterwards and I’m just so grateful that I got a chance to take care of her for a little while. She’s taken care of me my whole life and she’s just indefatigable. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her, um, so tired. And she was tired, she has pneumonia and that’s miserable. I’ve had pneumonia twice I didn’t even know that she had pneumonia until she came over to my apartment. So I think the fact that she didn’t even tell me and I talk to my mom every day and am fiercely close to her, pretty much reveals that she thought it wasn’t a big deal and she could just keep going and it was just this pesky pneumonia thing. But even though she is a superwoman, she’s still human, so I’m glad she finally listened to her doctor and took a few days off. And I know she’s excited to get back on the campaign trail tomorrow.”

The reason that Chelsea is saying she has never seen her mother so tired is because she was unconscious. She’s pushing the line that her mother has pneumonia, which she knows is a lie. As close as Chelsea is to her mother, she must know of her condition, which I believe is neurological and very serious. If Clinton had pneumonia, everyone would know… I’ve had it numerous times. It’s not something you can hide.

I hear now that the debates may be delayed. Next step, cancelled. Hillary cancelled two fundraisers in California and had Bill stand in for her in Vegas. She had Obama stump for her in Philly. If this woman even makes it to voting day, I’ll be surprised.

I don’t see how Chelsea can walk back her comments, they differ a great deal from her mother’s released statement. But it is telling and there must be utter panic in the Clinton camp at this point.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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