Clinton Foundation Doctored Memo Covering Up Distribution Of Watered Down AIDS Medicine In Africa

Clinton Foundation Doctored Memo Covering Up Distribution Of Watered Down AIDS Medicine In Africa

Looks like Clinton Foundation officials are being far less than truthful. They gave a doctored 2008 memo to PolitiFact. It was meant to show what wonderful work they were doing with the HIV/AIDS program in Africa. The charity and a subcontractor are being charged with “watering down” HIV drugs given to poor patients. That’s just despicable. All to make more profit.

Watering down those drugs was a death sentence for those people. They actually increased the likelihood of death. I wonder how many have died now because of the Clinton Foundation? Did you know that less than 6% of the Foundation’s money goes to charity? And when it does, it’s for something like this. Just horrendous and monstrous. Ranbaxy, by the way, is still in business… just not here in the States. And the Clinton Foundation is still using their services.


From The Daily Caller:

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Clinton Foundation officials gave PolitiFact a doctored version of a 2008 memo lauding its HIV/AIDS program presumably to defend against congressional charges that the charity distributed “watered down” drugs to poor patients on the African continent, according to new information acquired by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

The altered memo went to PolitiFact Sept. 21, three days after TheDCNF published a story titled, “Clinton Foundation AIDS Program Distributed ‘Watered-Down’ Drugs To Third World Countries.”

Two days after receiving the altered memo from the Clinton Foundation, PolitiFact published a critique that concluded TheDCNF’s story was “false.” PolitiFact’s critique relied heavily on the altered document, saying the Clinton Foundation “warned sub-Saharan governments and others in its buyer network to take extra steps to confirm the quality of Ranbaxy’s products.”

The substandard drugs lead back to Ranbaxy, a generic Indian pharmaceutical company. The Clinton Foundation distributed the drugs via its Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), without bothering to tell recipients about the medication’s problems. The AIDS drug program has long been the centerpiece of the Clinton Foundation’s public reputation.

The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for the Clintons… it is a money-laundering scheme. Jerome Corsi wrote on this in 2015 after interviewing Charles Ortel – people should have listened then even before WikiLeaks.

PolitiFact used the altered memo and called it good. They ruled that TheDCNF’s story was false and it wasn’t. It’s a major fail for PolitiFact, but it is not surprising. Not only were there errors in the review by PolitiFact, they did not disclose in their critique of TheDCNF’s story a highly relevant conflict of interest. Pierre Omidyar, a billionaire and a close friend of former President Clinton, gave $225,000 to PolitiFact’s “global health” reporting, including its review of TheDCNF story exploring the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS program. Omidyar’s wife Pamela donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation for its HIV/AIDS work in Sub-Saharan Africa.

More dirty coverups and death surround the Clintons than anyone I know. It’s criminal that they got away with this and in fact, are still doing it.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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