Clinton Taking Heat For Her Run-Out-The-Clock Strategy

There’s an old maxim, often attributed to Napoleon, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.” This seems to be Hillary Clinton’s approach post conventions. The only problem with this is that your opponent might get their stuff together

(The Hill) Hillary Clinton is facing questions about her campaign strategy as Donald Trump laps her on the trail and tightening polls show an increasingly competitive presidential race.

The Democratic nominee nearly vanished from the campaign trail in August to attend high-end private fundraisers and to prepare for the first presidential debate on Sept. 26.

At times it has appeared that Clinton believes she can run out the clock against Trump, who fell in the polls after a disastrous stretch following the Democratic convention.

But while Clinton remains the heavy favorite, Trump has rebounded in some national and battleground polls taken in late August.

You have to hand it to Trump: despite the mistakes he’s made, despite getting slaughtered by Clinton on the number of campaign offices, despite her having the majority of the media covering for her, he’s not only hanging in, he’s gaining again. Of course, part of that could be that she is a horrible, horrible candidate, who, in a normal year, would have been utterly knocked out due to her massive lies surrounding her non-sanctioned email server and the terrorist attack in Benghazi, as well as her blatant disregard for national security with her server. The notes on her FBI interview clearly show someone who cared little for security and anything other than her own convenience. If Team Trump is smart, they will hit her with this again and again.

Read them for yourself.

“It used to look like Clinton should just spend the fall at the International Space Station watching Trump implode, but it raises the question of whether you can disappear from the campaign trail without it having some effect,” said Marquette University pollster Charles Franklin, whose Wisconsin survey found Clinton’s favorability declining across every metric.

Clinton has gone days between events in some cases and hasn’t given a press conference in more than 270 days, a fact that Republicans have been eager to highlight.

She’s supposedly going to let the press on her big fossil fueled airplane. Will she actually talk to them and answer questions, though?

Meanwhile, a Washington Post/ABC News survey released this week found Clinton’s image hitting its lowest point in her 25 years of public life.

Clinton’s popularity has also plunged in surveys of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – Rust Belt states that represent Trump’s best path to the White House.

If Trump wants to win, he needs to take the swing states and make sure he holds on to states that have historically gone Republican. If he can make her defend in Democratic states, all the better. He needs to put her on the defensive.

“She needs to come back out after Labor Day and make this about the compare and contrast between herself and Trump,” one confidant told The Hill.

Some of that, allies say, will come into play during the first debate. They say Clinton has made the most of her time off the trail by pouring through briefing books and working with adviser on her stagecraft.

According to one surrogate: “She’ll be driving the suitability question which is an important metric for a lot of undecided voters.”

The thing is, people know exactly who she is after her years in the public eye. A horrible person in it for herself. Will Trump take advantage of the opportunity? Time will tell.

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