Confirmed: Hillary Used Her Own Personal Blackberry During Time As Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton’s email problems just keep getting worse and worse. The article opens up with a discussion of the Blackberry devices issued to and used by Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin not being able to be found, and the State Dept thinking that they were destroyed or removed from their control. Then we get to

(The Hill) In the same court filing, the State Department confirmed its previous claim that Clinton used a personal BlackBerry during her time in office that was not issued by the federal government.

The State Department “does not believe that any personal computing device was issued by the department to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and has not located any such device at the department,” Macmanus wrote.

As noted at CBS News

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“Anytime you’re bringing your own equipment and using it for work purposes, it’s not as secure as something that’s actually issued by the company,” CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman explained. “Because they take those laptops, for example, and they pre-configure them, they put their own software on them, tracking software, update software, and they distribute them.”

That raises the question, how secure were her personal devices, like her BlackBerry, since they weren’t issued by the State Department?

Why use her own Blackberry? The only logical reason is because State wouldn’t issue a Blackberry to hook up to her home-brew private server. It sounds like there needs to be a few subpoenas to IT and HR people at State, to see if any warned against this practice.

“But whether it was a personal account or a government account, I did not send classified material and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified, which is the way you know whether something is,” Clinton said Tuesday.

Is that even possible? It’s not even within the realm of possibility that she used her email account to only send personal stuff, like recipes and cat pictures. People would certainly send her classified information. Not only that, but there would be standard government business, all sent and received on a wholly unsecured server linked to an unsecured Blackberry.

Are we supposed to now trust Hillary with the secret mechanisms of the entire federal Executive Office? Here’s her communications director

“I’ve encountered this a lot in politics where people think that the answer is a lot more complicated than it really is,” Jennifer Palmieri told With All Due Respect co-host John Heilemann in an interview on Wednesday. “She’s answered this many times and she did have her own e-mail account. Others had done it before and it was just more convenient and she kept it like that, and she didn’t really—that’s the thing, she didn’t really think it through.”

That’s a hell of an endorsement for Hillary having the codes to the U.S. nuclear forces, eh?

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