Damaged Goods: FBI Opens Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Damaged Goods: FBI Opens Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Well, I’m not sure how Hillary is planning to spin this one in her campaign, but it seems like a pretty tough sell when being investigated by the FBI is on your resume. Gotta say, it sucks to be you, Hill, and not just for this one reason:


The FBI has opened an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was serving as Secretary of State and the political implications of this are huge.

Hillary’s supporters can deny and spin this news to the moon if they want to but the fact remains that the Democratic Party’s presumed nominee for 2016 is now under federal investigation.

Elliot Smilowitz of The Hill reported:

FBI investigating security of Clinton’s emails

The FBI is looking into the security of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email system, the Washington Post reported late Tuesday.

The agency reached out to the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate’s lawyer last week to ask about the security of a flash drive that holds copies of Clinton’s private emails.

A presidential candidate who is being investigated by the FBI is damaged goods.

This is a disaster for the Democrats.

Yea, disaster would be putting it quite lightly. Hillary is the only viable D in the race, and dismantling her credibility with a Federal investigation may just be the only way that liberals will actually see her flaws, am I right?

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