Former Asst FBI Director Tears into Hillary — Crimes ’20 Times’ Worse Than Watergate [VIDEO]

Former Asst FBI Director Tears into Hillary — Crimes ’20 Times’ Worse Than Watergate [VIDEO]

While we’re spending an outlandish amount of time trying to figure out if President Donald Trump had any outside help in winning the United States Presidential election in 2016, we have a former Assistant FBI Director telling us that Hillary Clinton (his Democratic opponent and the sorest loser in the history of sore losers) has been involved in crimes that are “20 times bigger than Watergate” in which nobody was ever charged.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom went on Fox Business’ “Varney and Co.” to blast members of the Obama administration, Democrats and Hillary Clinton specifically for crimes that were left unpunished.

You’re gonna want to get some popcorn for this one, ladies and gentlemen. It’s THAT good.

He also went after current Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not appearing to have the backbone to go after Hillary Clinton. In his interview, he said it “was obvious to anybody that knows anything” that President Obama wasn’t about to let Hillary go down for her private email server and said that Sessions is “in a coma” when it comes to his desire to pursue charges against the top Democrat.

Watch the interview below:

“You don’t have to put your brother in there like Kennedy did,” he said. “But put somebody in there that agrees with the policies you’re trying to put together. Then Rosenstein throws this hand grenade at you by naming this counsel — which is B.S. — and putting Mueller, who has a conflict of interest 20 miles wide, in on the job.”

He then goes on to imply that there may be a conspiracy at work here.

“I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy, but it sure smells like one,” he notes.

And while the special counsel investigates things that may or may not have actually happened, there are plenty of things from the previous administration that could be looked into like “the unmaskings of names alone is a major scandal,” he said.

“We got all these major crime things bubbling — all of which were 20 times bigger than Watergate! And nothing seems to be happening … the attorney general is in a coma!” Kallstrom shouted.

While I would like to believe that President Trump has the fortitude to look into these things and carry out investigations that may help stem the perpetuation of corruption in future administrations, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and so I don’t think that he is going to carry that out.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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