FOX News Just Found Evidence Needed – Proving FBI Let Hillary Off The Hook! [VIDEO]

FOX News Just Found Evidence Needed – Proving FBI Let Hillary Off The Hook! [VIDEO]

A new report has been released by Catherine Herridge stating that Fox News has obtained the draft of a letter of former FBI director James Comey. The letter in question is his infamous “exoneration statement” of Hillary Clinton the summer before the election. The one that let her off the hook so to speak. The one that said between the lines that if anyone else had done this, they would be in jail.

This is the Fox News report about the situation.

According to Herridge, the letter has previous drafts that were edited carefully to make the situation seem less bad than it was. Almost as if it were a “matter,” not a case. The letter shows the two ways in which the FBI edited the statement to lessen the accusations against the former Secretary of State.

One edit determined that the private Clinton server had not been hacked, despite evidence to the contrary and language used in previous drafts.

“In an early draft, Comey said it was ‘reasonably likely’ that ‘hostile actors’ gained access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. That was changed later to say the scenario was merely ‘possible.'”

That is pretty damning. If we would have only known about this before the election, I think people could have made a much more informed decision about who to vote for.

A second edit basically dismissed the entire “matter” at hand, the one Clinton was being investigated over in the first place.

“Another edit showed language was changed to describe the actions of Clinton and her colleagues as ‘extremely careless’ as opposed to ‘grossly negligent.’ This is a key legal distinction.”

You bet it’s a key legal distinction. Look, we all know there are people in prison right now for doing one tenth of what Hillary did as Secretary of State. She is corrupt to the core, the absolute worst pile of human trash there could possibly be.

We are losing faith in our institutions. The FBI, CIA, NSA and the Federal Reserve can all go screw themselves for all I care. It has turned us into a banana republic style, kangaroo court wielding, joke of a system. I say we let it crash and burn and start all over again with liberty in mind.

It would seem that there is some collusion going on, but not the good kind. Well, the good kind according to Democrats. The collusion in question is that the Department of Justice swamp creatures are not going away kindly, but are the deep-state embedded adversaries to our country that are trying to bring President Trump down. The Mueller investigation is a microcosm of the battle between the swamp and the American people. I just hope the President has it in him to get rid of these subhuman scum once and for all.

Just look at the kind of people he is up against. And it’s not like the President is the most politically savvy guy and sometimes says and does what he wants, not what we want. Like I said, I hope the whole system crashes and burns, so a part of me wants to see how this will all play out.

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