Guess Which Clinton Family Member Was Just Exposed In The Ashley Madison Hack?

Guess Which Clinton Family Member Was Just Exposed In The Ashley Madison Hack?

I guess no one should be surprised, but Hillary Clinton’s brother is in the spotlight for having an Ashley Madison account. His doting – or dumb, I can’t really figure this lady out- wife says she KNOWS he hasn’t cheated on her. Sure, lady. People sign up for Ashley Madison because they are totally happy in their marriage:


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The August hacker attack on, a website devoted to helping married men cheat on their wives, has snared the younger of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s two brothers.

Tony Rodham, who is close to the former secretary of state and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was a registered user of the infidelity website.

The news is likely to embarrass his sister, as he has publicly worked to advance her bid to succeed President Barack Obama.

But his loyal second wife Megan Madden Rodham, a dedicated pediatric intensive care nurse with whom he has two young children, said she was aware he had signed up with the website, and that he had squared it with her already.

She insisted, however, that her husband had never actually been unfaithful.

‘I know everything about Tony and everything he does online. I know all his passwords,’ Mrs. Rodham said outside the palatial mansion where they live in Vienna, Virginia.

‘I’m fine with it. He is not the sort of man who would take it any further,’ she said, standing next to the family SUV – a Buick sporting a ‘Hillary for America’ bumper sticker.

‘He is a good man, a good father and a good husband. You can quote me on that,’ she said.

‘I can’t understand why you would be interested in him. He is a very private person.’

Asked whether the couple would remain together despite his membership in, Mrs. Rodham said: ‘We have been together for ten years and everything is great. Tony is a good man.’

‘We are very happy and I know he has not cheated on me.’

Mr. Rodham, 61, appeared along with 37 million other sex-seeking users in a database leaked online after hackers breached the website’s ‘secure’ user information.

Rodham’s credit card was used to join the website on April 27, 2012.
Two payments were made that day, for $168.99 each.

One transaction was recorded along with his full name and his middle initial ‘D,’ for Dean. Rodham provided the address he shares with his family, along with a personal MSN email address.

The other credit card payment carried a company name, ‘Fiona E, LLC.’

A company by that name was registered in Delaware in 2010, but the state’s Division of Corporations reports it as ‘inactive.’

But the Rodhams’ daughter, born in 2007, is named Fiona Elizabeth, according to the Times-Tribune in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The newspaper divulged the child’s name when reporting on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s attendance at a Christening held for the Rodhams’ younger child.

Tony’s involvement in a sex-related scandal will be familiar territory for Hillary Clinton, who has been unwittingly involved in a series of infidelities that have made her husband a legend.

President Bill Clinton nearly lost his office over the affair he carried on with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in 1995 and 1996. And a parade of women have accused him over the years of sexually harassing and abusing them.
One, Juanita Broaddrick, claims to this day that he raped her in an Arkansas hotel room.

A spokesman for Hillary’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment made on Wednesday. The Clinton camp has largely steered clear of her siblings throughout her high-profile bids for elective office.

Seems like this brother will have to steer clear of his famous sibling for awhile. She doesn’t need anymore dirt on her already filthy hands.

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