Half Of Voters Think Hillary’s Use Of Private Server Was Illegal

This could be a wee bit of a problem for Entitled Hillary, and you can bet the ranch that the Trump campaign has seen, or will shortly see, this poll, using it as an added attack line against Hillary. Whatever you say about the guy, he will not only fire a salvo, but, he will keep firing and firing and firing.

(The Hill) Half of all voters think that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of State was illegal, according to a new Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 27 percent say they’re not sure if it was legal or not, and 22 percent believe it was legal. And 20 percent said the practice was ethical.

Nearly half of voters polled, 48 percent, see her use of a private server as a major problem for the campaign, while 24 percent see it as a minor one. Eighteen percent said it isn’t a problem at all.

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Neither The Hill article nor the Morning Consult article break it down fully by party affiliation, race, sex, etc for the 2,001 registered voters surveyed. One must have a subscription to see the raw data. Regardless, this is a devastating poll for Hillary. With 50% saying it’s illegal, and the ability to sway another 27%, and you know that a goodly chunk of that 27% will have a low opinion if they aren’t quite sure, this could become a major issue and headache as pushed by Trump and Republicans as the general election approaches. Some pundits are very concerned with down ticket elections due to Trump. Well, Democrats should also be concerned for the down ticket elections, as they are linked with a corrupt and law-breaking presidential candidate.

There is a slight breakdown by party, per the Morning Consult article

But even among Democrats, a quarter of them think it is a major problem for Clinton, compared with 50 percent of self-identified independents and 78 percent of Republicans.

That will leave a mark. So will this

Only 20 percent of voters believed her practice was ethical.

In other words, 80% believe she acted in an unethical manner. Best case for Hillary is that the FBI comes out and says she broke no laws. At that point, though, we might as well understand that laws for you and me do not apply to Big Wigs.

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