Was Hillary Clinton Just Caught Using a RACIST Slur? [VIDEO]

Liberals are always the first ones to cry racism, even as they constantly peddle their own destructive brand of racism and divisiveness. Hillary Clinton is no exception and that includes letting a racist statement slip while being interviewed by Jake Tapper.


From Young Conservatives:

Hillary Clinton is always the first person in the room to play the race card and has made it very clear that she views people first and foremost by what race they are.

If you disagree with her, you are a racist.

However, during an interview with Jake Tapper she made a questionable comment that Native Americans typically aren’t too fond of and it also raised some questions about the serial infidelity of her husband.

… Not only was that remark extremely insensitive considering the fact it has long been considered a derogatory dig at Native Americans but it also raised some questions about her ability to control men in the past.

Not exactly a smooth thing to say.

This is just another example of how awkward and uncomfortable Hillary can be.

She is simply a terrible campaigner.

The more you see of her the more you realize it.

The worst part about this is that she’s probably going to be our next president, if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. So we might as well get used to it now — we’re going to be seeing a lot of her over the next four years.

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