Hillary Clinton suggests embracing Muslims as THIS???

Hillary Clinton suggests embracing Muslims as THIS???

Hillary Clinton has recently stated that American’s should embrace Muslims as terror informants. Many people reading this may experience their eyes roll uncontrollably behind their brain as you try to comprehend her lunacy.

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During Saturday night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire, Clinton opposed Republican “demonization” of Muslims, but did so on the grounds that Muslim-American communities could and should act as “partners” in seeking out terrorists.

Does Hillary Clinton know that the American authorities already has informants? Does she think America needs thousands more? It’s one concept not to demonize an entire population known for being violent, using goats for intercourse, or having child sex slaves (c’mon, guys, it’s just a cultural difference), but that doesn’t mean America wants them here, nor needs thousands of extra informants. Also wonder about this scenario – if all Muslims are an informant, then how many are bad apples giving misinformation or act as double agents?

Informants are OK, but let the proper people manage that aspect of government.

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