Hillary Clinton’s DIRTY Secret Leaks

Hillary Clinton’s DIRTY Secret Leaks

So, it turns out that Fusion GPS was desperately trying to play the field when it came to dossiers on Presidential candidates.

If you’ll remember, Donald Trump Jr. was in the media after it was discovered that he had met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower at some point during the election. Liberals fell over themselves to say that this was irrefutable proof of Russian collusion, but as with most everything else they try to throw at the wall, that didn’t stick.

We’re now learning that that lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had been trying to give the Trump campaign a “Clinton Dossier” of dirt that had been dug up during an unrelated investigation. Apparently that information included a list of Clinton Foundation donors.

While in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, the Russian lawyer admitted that she met with Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner in an attempt to give them the information which apparently proved that there was some tax evasion going on by Clinton Foundation donors.

Donald Trump Jr. then asked for written proof that illegal funds were contributed to her Presidential campaign.

According to a source familiar with the goings on of Fusion GPS, they noted that shortly after the infamous meeting, the Russian lawyer also met with Glenn Simpson, one of the founders of Fusion, though in testimony on the Senate floor he stated that he had no knowledge of her meeting with the campaign until it was released in the news.

So, is this information legitimate, or is it just as bunk as the Trump dossier which accused him of several things that I won’t mention in mixed company?

With all of the information that has come out about the DNC being strapped for cash, is it hard to believe that she may have used ill-gotten funds to run her campaign?

Of course, the Trump campaign never used the information that this Russian lawyer attempted to give them or we would have heard about this before right now. That being said, it is something that may potentially be worth looking into given the corrupt history of both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

This is also just part of the plot to create discord among the people and while it failed, at the same time it also kind of succeeded. I’ve never seen my country so divided as it is right now and it’s a shame. We can accomplish great things when we unite, but I fear those days are behind us now.

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