Hillary Finds Deleting Emails Funny, Resurrects Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Here’s the person who wants to be president, who is the leading candidate for the Democratic Party. A shameless hack, who’s time in the Senate was marked as a big nothing, and saw her tenure as Secretary of State as a dismal failure. A woman who committed countless crimes, especially in terms of her homebrew email server.

(AP) Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a fierce defense of her handling of the 2012 Benghazi attacks and her use of a private email server as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, dismissing the controversies as “partisan games” in a speech before influential Iowa Democrats on Friday.

“They’ll try to tell you it’s about Benghazi, but it’s not,” Clinton said, pointing to Republican-led congressional inquiries that she said had “debunked all the conspiracy theories.”

“It’s not about emails or servers either. It’s about politics,” she said.

If Hillary was a Republican, the AP would be spending itself into the red to investigate. And, yes, politics does play a part. How is it even remotely possible to trust Hillary? Yet, Democrats will give her that trust without question, much in the same way Trump supporters are ignoring his far left pedigree.

“I won’t get down in the mud with them. I won’t play politics with national security,” Clinton said at the annual Wing Ding, a Democratic fundraiser in northern Iowa that attracted three other presidential candidates.

No, she’ll just use an improper and unsecured email server, leaving our national security vulnerable. Not too mention all her other problems. When that 3am call comes, the Chinese and Russian hackers will have already seen it.

Turning to her email controversies, Clinton said she would “do my part to provide transparency to Americans — that’s why I’m insisting 55,000 pages of my emails be published as soon as possible” and turned over the server.

She’s about a year too late on that.

Clinton also offered a light take on the email probe when she talked about launching a Snapchat social media account. “I love it,” she said. “Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

Nothing’s funnier than violations of the Espionage Act

Not only did Ms. Clinton deliberately demonstrate disdain for the Federal Records Act and nullify the protections of the Freedom of Information Act, she violated the Espionage Act by having information relating to the national defense on her server at all. And her deliberate disregard for national security made the job of all hackers that much easier.

If she was a reporter, a low level government employee, heck, you or me, she’d already be under indictment. The FBI would have seized the server and thumb-drives. Heck, the use of that homebrew server would have stopped quickly, when the bosses and others realized that we were not using the proper email. If a company acted in this manner, they’d be looking at massive civil and criminal penalties.

Hillary? She just laughs and makes jokes.


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