Hillary Hops On a Carbon-Spewing Learjet After Winning Endorsement From Environmental Group

Hillary Hops On a Carbon-Spewing Learjet After Winning Endorsement From Environmental Group

Apparently, being a Clinton means you’re allowed to be as hypocritical as you want to be without ever facing any repercussions. Immediately after receiving an endorsement from an environmental group that claims to want to end global warming, Hillary stepped onto a carbon-guzzling private jet, showing just how committed she is to the cause.


Hillary Clinton left New Hampshire campaign Tuesday night after receiving a powerful environmental group’s endorsement, boarding a private plane that emits more than two tons of carbon for every hour it’s in the air.

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Video footage obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com shows the Democratic front-runner climbing aboard a Learjet model 60 aircraft at the Lebanon, New Hampshire municipal airport around 6:00 p.m.

A day earlier, she appeared with League of Conservation Voters president Gene Karpinsky to receive the organization’s formal endorsement.

The league says on its website that its ‘top priority is addressing climate change.’

… But America Rising clucked at the irony of a top Democrat talking out of both sides of her green policy.

‘Hillary Clinton’s hypocritical campaign has hit a new low’ the group’s communications director Jeff Bechdel told DailyMail.com.

‘Long gone are the days of the Scooby van and her campaign bragging about cost cutting,’ he said.

‘Clinton is so dependent on her out of touch lifestyle that she can’t quit her private jet addiction even just a day after touting the endorsement of a fringe green energy group.’

The $13.3 million Learjet 60 cruises at a top speed of 525 miles per hour, according to Jet Advisors, a firm that counsels America’s 1 per cent on aircraft purchases.

It also consumes 203 gallons of jet fuel for every hour it spends with its twin engines running.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, burning a gallon of jet fuel produces 21.1 pounds of carbon dioxide.

That puts the Learjet 60’s hourly carbon footprint at 4,283 pounds – more than 2 tons.

The Clinton campaign pledged in July that it would go ‘carbon neutral,’ following a DailyMail.com report that showed similar footage of a Clinton private jet in Iowa – just hours after she delivered a major speech about global warming.

At the time, Hillary wouldn’t take reporters’ questions about how she would offset all of her campaign’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The campaign hasn’t announced any steps it has taken toward that goal, and a Clinton spokesman did not respond Wednesday to a request for a progress report.

Of course the campaign won’t take questions, and they won’t have any answers prepared either. Because — let’s be honest — who is actually going to question her on it and refuse to let her evade the question?

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