Hillary Hulks Out at Greenpeace Activist – Says She’s Sick of Sanders

Hillary Hulks Out at Greenpeace Activist – Says She’s Sick of Sanders

Apparently, the pressures of the campaign are getting to Hillary Clinton. When questioned by a Greenpeace activist, Hillary lost her temper and snapped.

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From the Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton berated an environmental activist who asked her if she would reject fossil fuel money and keep registered lobbyists away from her White House.

The exchange between the presidential hopeful and the activist, who was identified by Greenpeace as an organizer named Eva Resnick-Day according to the New York Daily News, was captured on camera.

Resnick-Day asks whether Clinton would forego contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

‘I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies,’ Clinton said in the video.

‘I’m so sick! I’m so sick of the Sanders’ campaign lying about this, I’m sick of it,’ Clinton shot back.

The sharp exchange came in the days before next Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary and ahead of next month’s New York primary, where Clinton is favored because of her deep ties to the state.

… A few minutes into Clinton’s remarks on the campus of Purchase College, about 20 Sanders supporters shouted, ‘If she wins, we lose,’ and then began walking out.

Clinton responded sharply, ‘The Bernie people came to say that. We’re very sorry you’re leaving,’ as the crowd chanted, ‘I’m with her!’

It must be so hard having to constantly defend herself from her own lies and corruption. Can’t people like politicians be crooked criminals?

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