Hillary Will Make Speech On American Exceptionalism Or Something

Hillary Will Make Speech On American Exceptionalism Or Something

Well, on the bright side, neither she nor Bill have yammered on about being proud of America for the first time in their adult lives simply because Hillary was nominated, nor have either really slammed America like the Obama’s and so many liberals. But, does she really believe in American exceptionalism? And will her unhinged leftist base be mad, because they tend to hate America?

(ABC News) Hillary Clinton plans to stress her support for American exceptionalism during a speech in the battleground state of Ohio, while arguing that Donald Trump has rejected the concept.

Clinton’s midday address at the American Legion’s annual convention in Cincinnati Wednesday comes as Trump ponders a last-minute trip to Mexico in advance of a long-awaited speech on immigration. A Clinton campaign official said the Democratic nominee plans to use her first public event in days to portray her Republican opponent as a questionable leader who would “walk away from our allies, undermine our values, insult our military — and has explicitly rejected the idea of American exceptionalism.”

This should be interesting. For all the things one might slam Trump on, even the full on #NeverTrump-ers wouldn’t say Trump doesn’t think America is exceptional. I certainly wouldn’t. Nothing Trump has said or done would make me think “he really doesn’t love America.” He certainly wants to see America strengthened.

Hillary, on the other hand, would see much of America’s sovereignty handed over to international law and the U.N. She sees American exceptionalism as belief in centralized government. She is a globalist, make no mistake about that.

In contrast, the official said Clinton “will make the case for American exceptionalism and call for maintaining America’s military and diplomatic leadership in the world.”

To bolster her argument, Clinton will talk about her experience, including serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee and as secretary of state. She will also emphasize the growing list of Republicans who have backed her campaign.

That’s a hoot, considering how bad things have been under the Obama presidency, and how bad things were while she was Secretary of State. She didn’t support American exceptionalism while Obama was decrying it. Where was she when Obama was “leading from behind”? Where was she when Obama was damaging our relationships with our international friends while reaching out to our enemies?

Does she believe in American exceptionalism? Certainly more than Obama. But, only from a hardcore leftist view. Her version of American exceptionalism is a strong centralized government. She doesn’t believe in the People. She doesn’t believe in the private sector. We’ll see what she has to say.

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